Zinex Manufacturers core and winding with the highest quality material and meets all specifications necessary for oil immersed transformers. Each transformer is pot tested to 5000 VDC for 1 minute before installation.

Transformer winding is baked and braced to handle short circuit conditions without causing rupture of windows. (Zinex demonstrates rectifiers by short circuiting the output without any harm to person or equipment). Transformer steel is of the highest grade M4 material and all windings are copper and splice free.

Zinex Oil Cooled Rectifiers are designed to run continuously at maximum duty cycle, while still offering dependability under the most severe conditions. Rectifiers are built to meet the following Area Classifications:
CLASS 1, Division 1 &2, Groups A,B,C,D, Zone 1&2, GAS Groups IIC,IIB+H2, IIB, IIA.

Every rectifier is custom built, while remaining competitively priced to the exact requirements of the customer. Including custom “foot prints”, free standing, O.N.A.N (Oil Natural Air Natural) Cooled (No PCBs), rectifiers and supply transformers, complete with stepless control automatic, constant voltage or amperage output.

These rectifiers have no fans, pumps, or moving parts; in fact the only recommended maintenance, is filtering or changing the oil after many years of production. This concept is particularly beneficial to industries, that demand the highest quality from their rectifiers.

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Zinex Corporation oil cooled rectifiers are ideal for corrosive and/or explosive atmospheres and are perfect for applications where continuous duty is required. All systems are hermetically sealed.

Also Available:
Low ripple • Low Harmonic Distortion • Low Maintenance • Low Maintenance Costs
Longer life • No Fans = No Noise
No water hook-ups • Smaller than conventional air and water cooled units
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use • Better value for your money

(50 through 30,000 Amp output)


Coming Soon - New for 2014. Zinex Z-Series Transformer/Rectifiers

• Dramatic Size reduction
• Modular - Stackable - Reliable
• Rated for Hazardous locations - ATEX and ETL Standards


Zinex Rectifiers are not governed by regulations and are approved for indoor and outdoor use.